Saturday, March 5, 2011

A Texting Funny

We had to run an errand at my husband's office one day this week. To keep my homeschooler occupied, I handed my new cell phone to her and suggested she send a text to my sister. (An aside: I wonder if getting her a phone of her own would increase communication in new ways?)

I suggested that she text my sister the fact that we were at her dad's office, and she began typing and saying aloud what (I thought) she was typing: "We're in Dad's office."

Later, I looked at the message she sent to my sister, and it said,

"W I D O"

That cracked me up. I just began texting in the past couple of weeks; I'm a novice; she's a pro. Not only did she come up with a texting lingo that follows a lot of the texting rules that we use (which we did not teach her; she absorbed them on her own, somehow), she had to carefully think through the first sound of each word, translate that into a letter, find the space bar, to create her message before sending. That's pretty big.


Bekah and Corey said...

How cute! What was your sister's reaction?

Penny said...

I interpreted WIDO for my sister - she laughed - and she began asking my daughter questions about what we were doing, engaging her via text, for a few minutes. ;)

Unknown said...

Love it!!!!!

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