Thursday, September 24, 2009

The Autism Mom Cooks Gluten-Free Casein-Free Classic American Cuisine

Introducing The Autism Mom Cooks Gluten-Free Casein Free Classic American Cuisine by Stephanie Hemenway ($27.75)

My child who happens to be diagnosed with an autism spectrum disorder has been on a GFCF diet for almost 8.5 years. We spent a couple of years allowing her to "cheat" on the diet occasionally, using digestive enzymes, but mid-2008, lab work revealed some allergies to those foods, and we returned to a strict GFCF + SF (soy free) diet, and we removed a few other foods, too. My daughter's eczema improved dramatically. I blogged about returning to a strict diet here.

I am often frustrated with special diet cookbooks because they use ingredients that we can't use, and the cookbook authors don't provide information about acceptable substitutes.

I'm also frustrated because my kids are picky eaters. (They get that from ME, unfortunately.)

The Autism Mom Stephanie Hemenway understands. And she's written a cookbook to share with the world some kid-friendly, picky-eater friendly, family-friendly recipes for families like mine. Most of the recipes are naturally soy and nut free, too, and Hemenway offers substitutions for nuts, soy, and corn when applicable.

The cover photo makes me want to make the onion rings rightnow.

Inside the book, Hemenway offers an intro, a section on the GF/CF home that includes shopping and equipment lists ("kitchen items worth investing in") for every recipe in the book. (Note to self: Purchase a cast iron dutch oven.)

I counted 70 GFCF recipes, all family "regulars", kid friendly. Some of the recipes I would never in a million years tried to make (mac-n-cheez, for example). The cookbook gives readers recipes for snacks, breakfast, lunch, dinner, side dishes, breads, and desserts. I like a cookbook with color photos. I hesitate to try a recipe without a photo (it's a Pennyism). Hemenway provides a beautiful photo for almost every recipe.

Hemenway chose to publish the book in the United States, and in color, which influenced the price. I'm glad she chose color photos, and I like the fact that she chose a publisher from her home.

After being so dawggone tired of the same handful of meals with a desire to find more recipes that I can make for all of us, I have renewed hope. This cookbook has a lot for me to try. I'm excited! Honestly, I don't know where to begin. As I cook from the book, I will blog about the results.


October 5th: Made Mac-n-cheez -- Daughter did not like it.

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Penny said...

I bought the last KitchenAid brand cast iron dutch oven at one of the nearby warehouse clubs last night for (gasp) $20. It had been $40. And an internet search shows me they're priced around $70. What a deal!!!!

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