Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Can we get a BARE NAKED PATTIE please?

May I take your order please?
I'd like a "double stack",
plain, no cheese, no bun, no toppings,

What would you like to order?
One Mighty Kids Meal
w/ the double cheeseburger,
plain, no cheese, no bun, no toppings,

We spent quite a few days on the road over the summer, where we had to eat in restaurants with a child on a GFCFSF+++ diet. If I had a dollar for every time we got MORE than two hamburger patties in a box, I could pay for some therapy. When I say "NO CHEESE, NO TOPPINGS," that is exactly what I MEAN!!! At one fast food place of the Golden Arches variety, the employee took the patties to the back and scraped the cheese off and gave them back to me. DUH. I could have done that -- I brought them back to you to get CLEAN ones that had not been touched by cheese.

The problem exists at restaurants where you sit and give your order to a waiter or waitress, too.

I am frustrated when I explain the allergy situation to wait staff, stress the importance of a PLAIN pattie, and have the meat come to the table with seasonings and/or cheese. Arg.

At Steak & Shake, the sliders are seasoned with some sort of seasoning salt, which the wait staff failed to explain to me. Double arg.

What restaurants need is a NAME for a PLAIN, BUNLESS HAMBURGER PATTIE for those of us who don't want the bun or cheese or toppings.

Hamburger steak?

Bare naked pattie?

I don't care WHAT you call it, but PLEASE, restaurants, put SOMETHING on the menu that is CODE to the chefs in the kitchen that means NO BUN, NO CHEESE, JUST THE PATTIE.



Erin said...

I have on a keyring a a few laminated note cards that I can give to the waitstaff or the chef wherever we go. The first card says "SEVERE FOOD ALLERGIES, PLEASE READ", the next is the list of UNSAFE FOODS, like Wheat, gluten, all diary, etc, then the 3rd is the safe alternatives, like instead of butter use EVOO. Its harder for drive up places, but I would just say, "I have a special request, can I please just drive up and you take my order?" and either show them the cards, or explain that you really need a McBNP

Autismland Penny said...

Hey, you do know that McDs is not gfcf right? That there new Angus burgers have wheat in them and they are stored with the regular patties. That there fries have wheat starch and milk added to them. I used to hate that too back when we could go.

walking said...

It drives me crazy . . . I have been doing this for ten years and I cannot believe how many times they get it wrong . . . NO BUN, WITHOUT BUN, MEAT IN A BOX.

JamBerry said...

Maybe try ordering a 'lo-carb' or 'no-carb' burger. Some restaurants (including fast food) have that on their menus for the 'south beach' crowd.

We're lazy gfcf-ers. We just order the double stack NO cheese and throw away the bun ourselves. But then again, that tiny degree of cross contamination doesn't seem to bother ds. It's regular ingestions of larger amounts that creates noticeable problems for him. And dairy is a much bigger offender for him than gluten.

Jenny said...

Hey Penny! I was wondering why my daughter was acting up and I finally looked up mcd's fries and they have wheat and milk added to them. Why???? Anyway, the burgers are also sprinkled with a seasoning powder called "accent" and its pure MSG. Not sure if you knew that but some kids react to I cant even get anything for my daughter there unless its plain ol' apple dippers. Pretty sad.
I love the McBNP, though!!!!!

-Jenny :)

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