Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Redefining {beau*ti*ful} by Jenna Lucado with Max Lucado

I remember being a teenager, with all of the insecurities that come with that stage. Dealing with the image looking back at me in the mirror (never what I wanted it to be); navigating the course of friendships and boys; wanting to be liked by everyone -- I went through what everyone goes through at that age.

Jenna Lucado (daughter of pastor, teacher, and best-selling author Max Lucado) did too.

I would have liked to have had a book like this when I was a teenager. Sometimes, teens don't realize that the feelings and experiences they have are common to all teens.

Jenna relates to young girls with stories from her own tween and teen years. Whether the reader has a wonderful relationship with her dad, or doesn't know her dad, or anything in between, Lucado and her dad write for every girl as she shares from her heart and from scripture, the definition of "beautiful" from our Heavenly Father.

In Redefining Beautiful, What God Sees When God Sees You
, ($12.99 from Thomas Nelson) Jenna covers all of the topics that can create insecurities for tweens and teens in a book/journal that guides readers through a journey of redefining beautiful, a definition that comes through the eyes of a Father.

My 12-year-old was too busy with homework and the review period too short for her to get to do more than skim "Redefining Beautiful," and she says it looks "cool!" and she asked me if she could write in it. (ABSOLUTELY!) I'll follow up with her input when she's had time and space to dive into it.

Watch Jenna Lucado chat about the book HERE.

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