Tuesday, September 1, 2009

A "twist", yesterday and today

Monday's lesson included this little move, which requires a whooooooole bunch of sensory integration, motor planning and knowing where you (and your arms and legs and tushie) are in space:

Tuesday's lesson had her working on that little move again, a little differently this time:

This child has been described by more than one professional as a child who could use more intent and deliberation in her movements. She compensates by (I'm told) flinging herself forward, moving quickly wherever she goes. (Looks like she's walking to me, but the "flinging herself forward" makes sense to me.) I like how figure skating lessons incorporates deliberation and motor planning, including proprioception and vestibular work. What a wonderful side-effect of learning a beautiful sport! :)

Stay tuned, more videos to come in a later post.

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