Saturday, September 5, 2009

"Supporting students who resist or refuse to do work"

Today, I received a review copy of "The Autism Checklist, A Practical Reference for Parents and Teachers", by Paula Kluth, Ph.D. with John Shouse.

I just flipped through the book, and a phrase at the top of one page about halfway into the book jumped out at me:

"3.8. Supporting Students Who Resist or Refuse to do Work"

You mean mine isn't the only one? Who knew?

I am looking forward to reading (and reviewing) this book!

1 comment:

walking said...

We are blessed! Pamela loves learning, and she is very willing to work. I do believe that having short lessons, a stopwatch, wide and varied curricula, and a checklist keep her motivated to move through the things I have planned. She even counts down ("Five more") . . .

Looking forward to what they suggest . . .

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