Friday, December 17, 2010

Dear Martha, (about your radio station...)

Fool me once, shame on you.
Fool me twice, shame on me.

Dear Martha Stewart,

I was given a limited subscription to SIRIUS radio when we traded automobiles. There are so many stations from which to choose! Some are G rated, wholesome, family appropriate. Some are not. I expected Martha Stewart's channel to be one of the G rated channels. I had no idea that your station would be inappropriate to listen to, especially when my children are in the car with me.

Twice, one of my children and I have gotten into the car in the evening (last night the time was around 5 pm, EST) when your station was on. When I turned on the car, the voices of your hosts came on, too, with vulgarity.

I don't use that kind of slang for body parts and intimacy when I talk with other adults in any of my circles; I certainly don't use those vulgarities in front of my children.

When I listen to Martha Stewart radio, I expect to hear recipes, ideas for crafts, things to help me make warm up my home, create family traditions. I expect clean, wholesome content.

I'm disappointed. And I've learned my lesson. Don't listen to Martha Stewart's radio channel because you can't trust it to be family friendly.

Please remind your hosts that children may be listening in the car with a parent and that your hosts don't have to speak aloud every thought that comes to their minds.



poohder said...

I am surprised too, shame on her! said...

Martha has changed over the years - she has commercialized herself and only cares about getting the largest possible audience. She has lost touch with who she WAS and how it made her such a success.

walking said...

I guess all that time in prison has rubbed off on Martha. I couldn't listen to her show any way because everything she does looks so perfect and I have two left thumbs . . .

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