Saturday, December 4, 2010

Unusual recipe has me wondering...

I am going through some cookbooks in a search for something new. We're still tired of the same old recipes. I want something we all can eat. The something new must be GFCFSF+++. I'm not in the mood to convert a recipe. I found one, but I can't begin to imagine how it will taste, and half of me wants to try it, and the other half is afraid to try it because it may taste horrible.

What do you think?

The title: Dill Pickle-Marinated Chicken Tenders With Dilly Dipping Sauce. I found the recipe in the 2007 Southern Living Annual Recipes Cookbook.

The chicken is marinated in pickle juice with some other ingredients prior to grilling. I found a similar recipe here.

What do your tastebuds say as you think about the recipe title?

1 comment:

Cristi said...

I used to love to eat fried Dill Pickles from Sonic. I might be game to try it, but I'd definitely have a back-up plan in case they were only barely edible.

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