Thursday, December 16, 2010

I wish you could hear what I hear...

I wish you could hear what I hear. I hear the sound of milestones and maybe a discovery.

Big Sis is memorizing lines for her part in a play. She wanted someone to run lines with her. Li'l Bit offered.

Background: Li'l Bit (diagnosed w/ an autism spectrum disorder) hates to try to read, avoids schoolwork with protests and resistance that sometimes head toward meltdowns. All those things create great anxiety for Li'l Bit.

And Li'l Bit offered to help Big Sis run lines.


And she is.


Reading. Aloud. Following the script, reading "her" part, pausing for Big Sis's part.

She's even adding some inflection. You should have heard her say, "They're afraaaaaaaaaid." Her voice is going up at the right part when her character asks a question, too.

She couldn't sound out "appreciate" and Big Sis helped her, and Li'l Bit let her help her, and kept going.

You have *no idea* what a BIG DEAL this is...

PS: Big Sis, amazingly, has her part pretty much memorized.


walking said...

It is BIG!!! It's only recently that Pamela is doing that!!!

Way to go, Little Bit!

Marie said...

Awesome awesome awesome!

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