Thursday, December 9, 2010

Learning About The Elements

Sometimes, a book is gorgeous enough that you want to share the title with others. I would have loved this book in high school (many moons ago) when I was studying the periodic chart.

I went to my first-ever Scholastic Book Warehouse Sale today. One of the item on my wish list was the book pictured to the left, "The Elements, A Visual Exporation of Every Known Atom in the Universe".

Weeks ago, I saw it in a Scholastic sale flyer that one of my middle schoolers brought home from school. I considered buying it then, and decided to wait.

I bought it today.

The warehouse sale price is $15. (The flyer price was $20.)

The photographs are *stunning*. They make a person want to look at the pages, read about each element.


Kim Wombles said...

My kids love this book, as do I!

Devan @ Accustomed Chaos said...

so cool! I am looking for great picture books for my kids. Will definitely be looking out for this one. Thanks for sharing!

Michelle Smith said...

Very neat looking book. I hope you had a great time and found lots of great deals. I think our city just had a Scholastic Warehouse sale. I saw the signs which looked suspiciously like the Scholastic book sale signs while I was in a hurry to Sam's Club the other day. But I did not have time to stop. My wallet was thankful! ;)

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