Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Good deals at the Borders store closing

Eldest and I share a love for books.

We headed over to one of our local Borders stores. It is closing. All books were 30% off; all bargain books were 40% off; and toys and games were 40% off.

I walked around the store like a deer in the headlights while my daughter focused on her favorite section.

This book caught my eye, and at 30% off, I bought it. It's good enough to share with my readers. No more searching for game ideas on the internet, looking for games that incorporate perspective taking, attention sharing, or some other social or relationship piece.

I already have an idea or two from it...


Dani G said...

I've checked out the store, too. Got a slow cooker cook book!! I'm so sad that store is closing. Its been part of our routine since Little Bird loves books!!

Penny said...

I cannot believe that store doesn't have enough business to remain open - I'm so surprised that one is closing.

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