Tuesday, December 28, 2010

GFCFSF Sloppy Joes

Li'l Bit has been begging for Sloppy Joe's. I didn't think she would eat them. I don't like smelly foods all mixed together - the thought almost makes me gag. (I have a few sensory issues.)

After several days of listening to her begging for Sloppy Joes, I looked for recipes. I found two rather quickly. One is a crock pot recipe (that contains cabbage-is that unusual for Sloppy Joes?) from a cookbook I reviewed, Easy Gluten Free. The other recipe came from one of Carol Fenster's cookbooks that I bought from a warehouse club several years ago, Wheat Free Recipes and Menus. (No cabbage in this one.)

We decided on the Carol Fenster recipe. It was a tad dry, and we added some water. I suspect we should have added some tomato sauce, instead (but what do I know? I don't eat Sloppy Joes.) Hubby, who grew up on Sloppy Joe's, says it's bland, that it needs something, but he's not sure what. After some thought, he said next time, we'll omit the cloves. (I am not sure I follow his reasoning, but, he's the Sloppy Joe expert, and I'll have to trust him on that one.)

Here's the Sloppy Joe recipe on gluten-free bun from Ener-G:

And a photo of the recipe page. I do love my StudyPod for holding the cookbook open.
The verdict? Li'l Bit helped us make it; she got some experience reading fractions down to 1/8 tsp, and together we smelled (and described) every spice that went into the ground beef. Cooking with dad and mom is very RDIable. She tried a li'l bit, but she wouldn't eat a whole sandwich. She said it reminded her of GF pizza. I think there's a texture thing for her, and maybe she's a li'l bit like her mom, who does not like a bunch of food mixed together on a bun like that.

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