Saturday, March 27, 2010

Breakthrough Developmental Strategies and the Biomedical Connection

As a toddler, Raun Kaufman's parents were told he had an IQ of 30, and that he would never learn to speak, learn to read or write, never laugh at a joke, never go on a date or have a circle of friends, never drive a car or live on his own, never have a career.

He's here, today, speaking to the AMAB conference. He has a degree in Biomedical Ethics from Brown University, has no trace of his former condition, lives a typical life and is considered fully recovered from autism.

I saw him present a year ago- I know we're in for a treat, today. His parents are founders of the SonRise Program.

The SonRise folks were way ahead of the curve in prioritizing interaction over skills and academics, and Raun Kaufman speaks eloquently about they why bother and the how to from a SonRise perspective.

Our intervention of choice has very similar roots to SonRise - our intervention's application is different. I wish I'd heard this developmentally based message in the very beginning of our journey.

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