Saturday, March 27, 2010

Dr James A Neubrander with "ASD's Phase Reset Abnormality Resulting in Decreased Neuronal Recruitment and Increased Neuronal Processing Times"

"Find your child's combination and go for that."
Dr. Neubrander

Dr. Neubrander is on stage. Buckle your seat belt and hold on! He is an entertaining speaker, full of information that he relates in both "people-ease" and "doctor talk", along with colorful illustrations and anecdotes that have us laughing and on the edge of our seats. He has a rapid fire way of presenting - I don't think anyone is going to nod off today.

He reports that his office is approaching the mark of treating 1000 patients. They've done more than 70,000 hours of HBOT in his office. He's a powerhouse in terms of data and treating children on the autism spectrum, with a healthy respect for science combined with the wisdom to know that parents contain valuable observations and information that plays an important role in helping our children feel better, and feeling better positively impacts every aspect of their days.

He's talking about GABAs at this particular moment - I have a feeling this will coincide with what Susan Owens has to tell us tomorrow. He explained it in "doctor talk" - now I must stop typing to hear it it "people-ease".

The information he's giving us on neuronal recruitment in brain phases and the differences between "normal" individuals and those with autism is fascinating - and it makes sense to me as Dr Neubrander describes it in context of memory and information processing, sensory issues and stimming.

If you're reading as I'm blogging, and you're interested in a DVD of a presentation, AMAB is selling them for $20 each or $225 for the entire conference. I'm told a link will be up on the AMAB web site shortly.

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