Friday, March 26, 2010

"Living With 'The Feeling'"

Lyle Hatcher and Don Caron just concluded their presentation about "Living with 'The Feeling'" - an interesting perspective from Hatcher's experience with ADHD from childhood until now.

One slide jumped out at me - the men asked children how drugs for ADD and ADHD make them feel (see the second slide).

Hatcher and Caron have co-authored a book called "Different Drummers," which is an amazing story from Hatcher's childhood. Hatcher saw me blogging from the conference and gave me a copy - so hold on, I'll have a review for you as soon as I can read it. I know it is going to be compelling, and probably a tearjerker, after chatting with Mr Hatcher for a few minutes.

Autism Mom Stephanie Harlan is up next.

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