Monday, March 1, 2010

Freezing in the Red Rink

The day has been sunny and beautiful, with the temperature gauge in my car displaying temps in the high 30's and low 40's. I have a cold - I've felt pretty crummy today. (My voice is unusually deep today.) The sunshine helped. I wore a sweater without a coat, which was fine, until we got to the arena where my skating princess takes lessons. I began to shiver when I saw the sign directing skaters to the red rink. I dread the red rink -- temps are painfully cold, there. Today was no exception. Brrrr.

More work on crossovers today - one of several things they did today in the frozen tundra:

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PaintCrazy said...

I feel for you. My husband has played hockey since time began and then encouraged my son to start when he was old enough (and didn't find it more fun to push around the ice with his helmet on the ground because he liked the "feel"). We always had certain rinks we hated to see on the schedule too because they were especially cold. BUT because I spent half my life outdoors year 'round because of my daughter's horse, I know how to dress really, really warm. I was quite often the only mom at hockey practice that wasn't shivering.

Two hints. Cuddle Duds long johns. They are a very thin silky fabric. I think they are on sale at JC Penny right now - in the lingerie section. I even wear them under dress slacks for work sometimes. And Toe Warmers. Buy a few cases at Costco in October. I think it was $15 for a box of 100 or something like that. We wear them a LOT in the winter. Oh, here's a third one. Fleece turtlenecks from Lands End. Yummy warm.

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