Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Growth (Resilience) and My Rambling

We've had a very up and down day. I am exhausted from it (and have miles to go before I sleep). The rec therapist came today, and the princess had a meltdown.

We ran a couple of errands, and she was fine. At the warehouse club store, my daughter left my side (before I knew what was happening) and was in the middle of a family of Chinese heritage, greeting them excitedly with "Ni hao". Thank goodness they seemed to think it was funny. She knows "hello" in many languages, and recognizes folks who might speak those languages, and has said "Namaste" to an Indian family; "Hola" to an Hispanic family, in similar situations. I thought I'd managed to help her stop doing that, but today, she surprised me again. *sigh*

Then on to a skating lesson. CHECK THIS OUT! The girl's posture isn't the best. She's concentrating so hard on the move at the end of her backwards skate that she's not skating backwards quite right. BUT, she's not screeching, protesting or screaming. I see growth in a couple of areas. First, she hates doing anything backwards, on skates or off, and backwards anything sometimes brings forth protests.. Second, the spinnything at the end of the backwards skate is new, and new skills are difficult, and difficulty sometimes brings forth protests. Take a peek:

Several times today, she said she heard something that I did not. A phone ringing. A parrot. A chicken. That's a sure sign of fluid in her ears. And she's swishing saliva in her mouth, something I noticed when she was on the ice . That's a sign of a sore throat.

We stopped supps a couple of weeks ago to try to get a urine catch so we could see what supps she still needs - and she's been sick and taking motrin or benadryl ever since, which means I can't do the urine catch. I need to put her back on her supps until she's well and try again - I can tell a difference in her ability to self-regulate when she's off her supps. She's not on that many supps - but they clearly help her. Maybe that's why she got sick again?

She was GREAT on the ice. As we were removing skates after the lesson and putting on street shoes, another mom commented on how much progress my girl has made since the last time she saw her skate (months ago).

She had an incredible lesson. Coach said she's trying some things she hasn't shown her, yet, signs she's ready to move foward in some areas. However, my girl was dysregulated and irritable once she got OFF the ice. Today's hard work on the ice must have zapped all of her energy.

My son came home from school upset and dysregulated. :( I wonder if he's getting sick again (or never got well from last week)?

I'm tired from being sick. This head cold has been a real booger. No wonder the kids are cranky. I feel cranky with this cold!

Every phone call I've gotten the past few days has been a downer. (Not that I'm complaining about folks calling me -- it's just that I'm ready for some good news!) A friend is battling the school district over not one, but two children, and, while both situations are serious, one of the situations is really, REALLY outrageous. Another friend is in the middle of the most challenging part of a relationship intervention for a child on the autism spectrum. Another friend, a young adult barely in her 20's, called to tell me about a friend just diagnosed with cancer and an arthritis diagnosis for herself.

My middle school princess is playing three parts in a school play tonight and tomorrow night. I think I'll go alone tonight and if our crew is better tomorrow night, we'll all go. Otherwise, hubby can go tomorrow night.

I've rambled enough. Tomorrow will be better. Now I'm thinkin' of Scarlett -- "Tomorrow is another day."

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