Wednesday, April 1, 2009

April is Autism Awareness Month

Informative tips for interacting with people on the Autism Spectrum

ASA’s helpful tips for interacting with someone who has Autism

People on the autism spectrum may:

not understand what you say
appear deaf
be unable to speak or speak with difficulty
engage in repetitive behaviors
act upset for no apparent reason
appear insensitive to pain
appear anxious or nervous
dart away from you unexpectedly
engage in self-stimulating behaviors (i.e. Hand flapping or rocking)

Helpful hints for interaction:
Speak slowly and use simple language
Use concrete terms
Repeat simple questions
Allow time for responses
Give lots of praise
Do not attempt to physically block self-stimulating behavior

Remember that each person is unique and may act differently than another

LEARN MORE about autism diagnosis, causes and frequently asked questions CLICK HERE

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