Wednesday, April 22, 2009

More of my convention finds

I was interrupted while creating the post of photos of items I brought home from the homeschool convention in Cincinnati.

Here are a few more items that came home with me.

We gave one of our children a name that we thought was rare and special and we gave the name an unusal spelling as well. Little did we know that the name would become popular, and that the spelling we chose would be impossible to find on a pre-printed pencil or mug or doo-dad. Cross Timber Gift Shop offers personalized personalization (is that redundant?) and I had them make a bookmark for each family member.

I bought my girls bracelets from Generations of Virtue.

And, on the recommendation of a whoooooole bunch of moms, including a few who are moms to children on the autism spectrum, I bought an audio CD from storyteller Jim Weiss from Greathall Productions.

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