Sunday, April 19, 2009

I'm back from Cincinnati and the convention!

Heidi from the blog, Clatter and Chatter and Things That Matter has access to a button maker machine, and she made buttons for Crew Mates attending the homeschool convention in Cincinnati. Here's mine:

We Crew Mates managed to meet for a photo. Here's Heidi, me (Penny), Candace, Christy and Regenia (Angela showed up a little late for the photo):

And our "official" pinning of the button ceremony:

(okay, I just made that up about the "official" ceremony!)


I was overwhelmed by the vendor area.

This is just *one* end of it -- multiply this photo by about four:

Another extra special moment was meeting another friend whom I've known only on the internet. Becky is really special to me, because one of her children is on the autism spectrum, she and her husband are RDIers, too, they are Christians, and she has been an incredible friend and support to me and many others via the internet. Meeting her in person was an absolute treat!


walking said...

I love the pictures!!!!

Christy said...

Loved meeting you, Penny! Wasn't the convention great???! Taking your pinning cermony pic for my blog..hope that's ok??! :) LOL!

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