Monday, April 20, 2009

Convention: What I bought


walking said...

You picked books on my favorite people! :-)

If that is all you bought, you showed admirable restraint! LOL!

Penny said...

I was interrupted and hit the "publish" button before I finished my picture post of all the things I bought, so I do have a couple more things to add to the list, but NOT MUCH more.

As I was looking on web sites for the actual products so that I could link to them for my blog followers, I realized I got some REALLY GOOD DEALS at the convention -- I did not pay the list price or shipping for most of the products that I did buy. (I love the "LOOK HOW MUCH I SAVED" mentality! LOL)

Can you tell I have summer reading on my mind by what I purchased?

I read "Charlie's Choice" in my hotel room. I really enjoyed it.

The list of stuff I looked at, plus the list of stuff I WANTED TO BUY is much, much longer and costly... I may make a "wish list" post later (in my spare time).


TulipGirl said...

How fun!

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