Friday, April 10, 2009

Skating Lesson 7

I wasn't sure about today's lesson. We skipped Tuesday morning's lesson, because a sibling was sick w/ strep throat. On Tuesday mornings, we have the place to ourselves, and there are no other skaters on the ice to distract my princess. The afternoons are different, and the ice was more crowded, more chaotic, louder today, because this week is spring break for all of the public schools in our entire county.

My princess has been, let's say, grumpy, the past two days, and I wasn't sure how she'd handle the demands of a lesson. She managed. (!!!)

Coach has been scaffolding a snowplow stop by allowing my princess to work at the boards, holding onto the rail for balance. Today, she coached my princess through a snowplow stop away from the boards. Impressive, eh?

Here's a clip that illustrates some of the distractions:

I didn't get as much video footage today--trust me that she and Coach had a FANtastic lesson!

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