Monday, April 20, 2009

I'm glad to be home

I am so glad to be home again, to be close to my family, where hugs and kisses are always within reach!

This morning, I am glad to be home for my husband's coffee. His coffee is better than mine. He has a knack for getting the right amount of ground coffee and water in the pot. I don't. And the stuff I made in the hotel was waaaay under par.

I'm composing a post about the speakers I heard, and in my head, I'm tossing around another post about what I bought and what I considered in the vendor area.

Stay tuned.

Right now, I have some coffee to sip.



Jenny said...

How do they do that? I do the kids sit still for so long????? I would like to learn their secrets...

Penny said...

I saw a some parents get up and leave when children became too wiggly, not pressing the children to sit still and quiet past their capability.

And I saw lots of children sit through an entire hour with a book to read, something to draw on/with, and some other quiet toys.


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