Thursday, April 23, 2009

"It's my pleasure!"

Since Cincinnati is over four hours away by car, I stayed in a hotel for last weekend's convention. At the hotel, I heard one phrase over and over from the staff, and hearing it made me smile.

"It's my pleasure!"

I waited in a very long line (45 minutes long, probably a couple hundred people in line ahead of me) to check-in at this hotel. There were two groups arriving at the same time, a Church of Christ ladies retreat (as evidenced by the signs pointing out where their sessions were being held) and the gi-normous homeschool convention. I was glad to have arrived when I did, because the line grew longer, and I saw many families getting in line waaaaay past the point where I joined the back of that line.

When I finally got my turn at the check-in counter, I wondered if the employees there would be grumpy or short with those of us in front of them.

When I thanked the man who handed me my room "key" (more like a credit card), he answered with a smile, "Oh, it's MY pleasure!" And he sounded like he meant it.

During my stay, I called to the front desk several times, once to set up a wake up call that never came, and each time, when I thanked the employee for their time, they answered with, "It's my pleasure!" and I could hear a smile in their voices. They couldn't see me, but I was smiling back!

Simple phrase. Important message about serving. Lots to think about.

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